Introducing Ancient Khmer Antiquity Project.


3D art
3D illustration


Quixel Megascan
Adobe Photoshop
Chaos Corona Render


This project is created to compete for 2023 ArchVizArtist (AVA) Award. It envisions Cambodia ancient architecture, reflecting the country’s rich history and cultural influences.

landmarkCAM_Post_psd crop_before ava-viewC-230623

Environment Design

Sloping topography using vertex paint
The stairs, Banteay Srei gate concept, landmark are simple low-poly modeling and sweep control modifier

Plugins – Scripts

Most the scene vegetations and common stuff are generated by iToo ForestPack(FP) and RailClone(RC).
Object imperfections are generated by scripts such as, PolyDamage, Massfx.
The vegetations, rocks, twigs, woods, trees are 3D assets from quixel megascan library. Scattered using FP and RC.

ava-scene-breakdown-2 ava-viewD-230623

scene breakdown

Post Processing

The comparison “before and after” image that we show earlier of this page is the post-processed image that we enhanced, using Adobe Photoshop as tool, by adding textures, correcting colors, inputting sky or trees to create cinematic and realistic feeling to our project.